Safe Internet Banking Tips

At Ozark Bank, we want our customers to continue having a safe and secure Internet Banking experience. Here are some basic tips to help you gain peace of mind when you bank with us through the Internet.

Protect Your Computer

Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Make sure it gets updates daily. It is a good idea to scan your entire computer frequently.

Make sure your Internet connection is protected by a firewall. The best type of firewall is a device that sits between your computer and the Internet, but a firewall program which runs on your computer will help.

Protect your email with anti-spam software, or use an email provider that scans your email for you. Not only can this block out many unwanted advertisements, but it can also prevent some phishing emails from reaching your inbox.

Keep your computer updated with the latest security patches for both the operating system and all of your applications.

Discover More

Learn more about computer security at the CERT Coordination Center web site.

Note: The CERT Coordination Center is not affiliated with Ozark Bank.