Mobile Deposit


  It's Picture Perfect





Mobile Deposit Features

  • Deposit checks from anywhere at anytime
  • Convenient - No more rushing to the bank just to wait in line
  • Easy - Make your deposit with just a few simple clicks
  • Secure - Check images are never stored in your phone
  • No additional enrollment needed when you're enrolled in Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking App Available for

  • Apple iPhone:


  • Android:



  1. Download the latest Ozark Bank app from either the Apple iTunes™ App Store or from Google Play™ (once downloaded, delete the old app).
  2. Select the Deposit option in your Mobile Banking app.
  3. Endorse the back of your check and include the words FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT.
  4. Take a picture of the front and back of your check.
  5. Enter the amount of the check, and choose the account for the deposit.
  6. You will receive an email confirming your deposit.
  7. After you have verified the deposit and kept the check for 14 days, shred and securely dispose the check.

Terms and Conditions

  • Deposited funds are not available for immediate withdrawal
  • Deposited item must be properly endorsed
  • Only negotiable items are accepted
  • Standard deposit cutoff times apply:
    • Deposits made after 3PM Monday through Friday will post the next business day
    • Deposits made on weekends or observed holidays will post the next business day
  • You must have an Internet Banking login account and Mobile Banking App
  • Sign into Internet Banking and enroll in Mobile Banking
  • If you have an iPhone, download the Ozark Bank iPhone app:
  • If you have an Android phone, download the Ozark Bank Android app:
  • Mobile Deposit is available on qualifying accounts

Applicable Fees and Limits

  • Cost - No fee at this time for the following limits:
    • Consumer Limit
      • Daily limit: 3 items not to exceed $1,500.00
      • Monthly limit: 15 items not to exceed $5,000.00
    • Business Limit
      • Daily limit: 3 items not to exceed $1,500.00
      • Monthly limit: 15 items not to exceed $5,000.00


 For higher business limits, a $30.00 monthly fee will apply.