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Traditional Values and 21st Century Technology

Ozark Bank is the only remaining home owned bank in Christian County.  Chartered in 1906, Ozark Bank is in its 110th year of service to the residents of Christian County and surrounding communities.  Ozark Bank was founded by a group of local businessmen with a vision to improve Ozark and Christian County by providing banking services and loans that would help the community grow and prosper. 

Through chamber of commerce involvement and support for organizations such as Sertoma, Relay for Life, Care to Learn, and many others, Ozark Bank is committed to working side by side with our friends and neighbors to improve the lives of Christian County residents. Our commitment to the community also produces strong loyalty from our staff that leads to longevity and stability.  The average length of service for our employees is over 8 years, with 17 of our 59 employees serving 10 years or longer.  When you walk in to one of our branches, you will see a familiar face and you will be greeted with a warm smile.  We focus on getting to know our customers by name.  We always have coffee out and encourage our customers to enjoy a cup and visit.

The dramatic advances in technology allow our customers ready access to their accounts.  With mobile banking, customers can transfer money and pay bills and even deposit checks without bringing them into the bank.   We are excited to see the next generation of technology that will likely include person to person payments, Apple Pay and who knows what else!  The new technology allows Ozark Bank to deliver all the services that the big banks deliver, yet we do so with a focus on what is right for the customer.  All of these changes allow us to spend more time with our customers, focusing on their specific needs when they come into the bank or when we meet them at their business.

One thing that hasn’t changed at Ozark Bank is our commitment to doing things right – and doing the right things.  Throughout the years, we have continued to focus on making loans that made sense for both the borrower and for the bank.  We know that over time, most customers will need multiple services, based on their life stage.  Whether it is checking accounts or auto, mortgage and business loans; investment guidance to estate planning, we approach each need with a focus on delivering value.

We have been helping build Christian County for the past 110 years.  The methods and technology have changed, but the values remain the same.