Checking for Business

At Ozark Bank, we've got it all! Totally Free Business Checking and FREE money! And, our accounts come with a variety of great features included! We have the account just right for your business needs. After all, at Ozark Bank, it's all about YOU!

Business Checking Accounts

 Totally Free Business CheckingBusiness Interest Checking*Commercial Checking
No minimum balance    
No monthly service charge    
Competitive interest    
Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
Free Debit Card
Free return of check images
Free easy to balance monthly statement
Free money for unused checks and debit cards
Additional Features      
Higher interest with a balance of $1,500 or more    
Monthly charge 0 $6 if minimum balance falls below $1,500  $15
Transaction items 1,000 Free per month  1,000 Free per month $.10 each
Coin and currency deposits 0 0 $.50 per $1,000
Credit allowance to offset monthly activity fees    

It only takes $40 to open an Ozark Bank account. Why not stop by today?

*Business Interest Checking is available to Sole Proprietorships and Not-For-Profit organizations.