Ozark North Elementary Students Travel Back in Time

More than 100 Ozark North Elementary Second Graders took a trip back in time to 1906 while visiting Ozark Bank located on the historic downtown square on April 24. Students heard a brief presentation on what life was like in 1906, the year Ozark Bank opened for business. Each student was allowed to hold $10,000 in cash – the amount of capital used to start Ozark Bank - while telling their classmates what they would do if they had $10,000! Some dreamed of buying lots of video games while others wanted to purchase a house, a car, a horse or a swimming pool. Several answered they would give the money to the poor.

Students viewed a historic picture of the inside of the bank in the early 1900’s that included a spittoon on the floor of the lobby and asked to guess what the object was. Answers ranged from a dog bowl to a floor safe!

Their journey back to the future included a photo op in front of the massive round safe door in the lobby of the bank. Installed in 1962, the door weighs several tons but is so well balanced on its hinges, it can be opened by a single person and is still opened and closed every day!

Each student received a cash gift – in the form of a pencil made from shredded currency.

Photos courtesy of Christian County Headliner News

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